Mixed to fraction with circle models

Learn or teach by designing your own mixed form to fraction form(improper) examples. All examples are modeled with circles.


Mixed to Fraction with Circle Models uses circles to demonstrate renaming fractions from mixed form to fraction form.

Any whole number or mixed number can be written in fraction(a over b form) form such as seven fourths. Some textbooks call such a number where the numerator is equal to or greater then the denominator improper or top-heavy.

The very definition of a rational number uses the idea of fraction form.A rational number is any number that can be expressed as the quotient a/b of two integers, with the denominator b not equal to zero(0).

So arational numberis any number that can be written in fraction form as long as the denominator is not zero.

On the left is a <SHOW COLOR> button. Uncheck the button to turn off the red color on the circle. This will allow the learner to demonstrate the size of the fraction.

Uncheck the <EXPLAIN> check box to turn off the answer and the explanation. You can ask your students to complete the number sentence.

With <SHOW INPUT> unchecked, the fraction input boxes will act the same as password input boxes so students will not see the numbers you input.

With <EXPLAIN> and <SHOW INPUT> unchecked you can ask your students to write a number sentence that explains the picture.

With <EXPLAIN> and <SHOW COLOR> unchecked you can ask your students to shade the fraction and write in fraction(a/b) form.


Demonstrate the numerator by counting each of the equal colored parts. So 1 34 will have 7 colored parts.

If you wish to see the fraction form of a whole number, type in a numerator that is a multiple of the denominator such as 164.


Windows users can select any part of the screen by right clicking and selecting "Take a screenshot". Adjust to fit mage you want. This copies the selection into Windows Clipboard™. The screen can then be pasted into Windows Paint™ or your favorite imaging program. Or you can select "Download" which will put the image into your files "Download" folder.


To take a screen shot with the Ipad first press the Sleep/Wake button at the top right of the Ipad. While holding the Sleek/Wake button press and release the round Home button at the bottom of the screen. You should see a photo of the screen by going to the Home page and pressing the Photos icon.