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This Visual Fractions web site does not collect personal information such as your name, address, email address or phone number.

There are no advertisements on this Visual Fractions website.

All the pages on Visual Fractions can be accessed without a login.

The score reporting input box on each application on this web site only asks for your first name to make the report card. This information is not gathered by this web site. If you wish to send your score by email the email address information you provide is not gathered by this web site.

Small files are sent from some web sites to your browser to keep track of your interests. These files, known as cookies, are not sent from Visual Fractions. does subscribe to Google Analytics only to keep track of the number of users, the pages being used, and the locations of the users. does not require cookies to be sent to user's browsers from Google Analytics. Google Analytics provides a valuable service by providing information on the popularity of the different pages in Visual Fractions.

The websites linked to on the Favorite Links page are chosen because they provide useful and relevant information but are outside the control of Visual Fractions. does not collect any information from these web sites. You are advised to read the Privacy Policies of each website you visit. This web site is not responsible for the content of these websites

This privacy policy was updated on May 20, 2019.