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A quick and easy percentage calculator that will let you work out any percentage you might need. All you have to do is a pick one of the three options below, enter your numbers, and the calculator will automatically work out the answer for you.

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There are many, many (many) percentage calculators on the web and most of them do the exact same thing: calculate percentages. With our calculator we have tried to make it as simple and as easy to use as we possibly can.

The calculator is designed to be used by students, teachers, parents, and anybody who needs to quickly work out the percentage of two numbers without having to figure it out manually.

One thing that most other percentage calculators don't do is actually explain how it's worked out. Since Visual Fractions is really an education and math website, we feel like it's our duty to not only provide the answer but to also explain the math behind it.

Want to quickly learn or show students how to calculate percentage increase and decrease play this very quick and fun video now!

This makes our tool the perfect choice for students who most likely are going to need to calculate a lot of percentages during their time at school. With the Visual Fractions percentage calc, you can actually teach them the why behind the answer so that they can go on to calculate their own percentages manually.

Note: If you want to view the explanation for how a certain percentage is calculated, just click the icon next to the answer. Every calculation is fully broken down and explained for you so that you can learn the math behind percentages.

The calculation is pretty simple, but if you have any problems or get any errors, please contact us.

Example Percentage Problems

If you have the time and want to learn more about calculating percentages, you can browse the following example problems to get a deeper understanding of the math behind them.

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