Multiply Fractions Calculator

Simple, powerful calculator to multiply one fraction by another.

Fraction x Fraction

How to use

I mean, do we really need to explain how this calculator works? You enter the first fraction, you enter the second fraction, click "Calculate" and hey presto, you get the answer.

You can also click the little icon after the calculator to find out more information about the process of subtracting one fraction from another. (Note: you need to have performed a calculation first or the link won't work!)

Click here to find out more about subtracting your fractions

Video Explaining How to Multiply Fractions

Below you can watch a video developed by explaining how to multiply fractions.

Want to quickly learn or refresh memory on factor multiplication, play this quick and informative video now!

For more educational and explainer videos on math and numbers including fractions, percentage calculation, conversions and much more visit Youtube channel.

Preset List of Fraction Multiplication Examples

Below are links to some preset calculations that are commonly searched for: