What divided by 1 equals 65?

Are you looking to solve the problem of what number divided by 1 equals 65? In this quick equation lesson, we'll show you how to find the missing number and work out any simple division equations all by yourself!

So what we have here is a very basic equation. Let's write it out so we can see exactly what we're trying to solve here:

X/1 = 65

In this equation we're basically trying to solve for X. By that, I simply mean we need to figure out what number X could possibly be. The solution to this is very, very simple.

If we rearrange the formula above and move X over to the right hand side, and 65 over to the left, this is what we are left with:

65 x 1 = X

When the formula is rearranged, we change the division to a multiplication. So the answer to X is:

65 x 1 = 65

X = 65

I honestly wish I had more to say here about solving this formula but this is absolutely fundamental basic equation math. To find out what divided by 1 equals 65 you just just have to multiply the two known numbers together!

To prove this, let's fill in the missing number from the first formula right at the top of this page:

65/1 = 65

Give this a go for yourself and try to calculate a couple of these yourself without using our calculator. Grab a pencil and a piece of paper and pick a couple of numbers. If you know your times tables well enough, I'm sure you'll have no trouble whatsoever with these!

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