What is 10 mod 22?

Do you need to know what 10 mod 22 means? Maybe you need to calculate it? In this little guide we'll show you precisely how to calculate the mod of a number. You might also see this referred to as modulo or modulus.

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So what is a modulu or modulus? Put simply, modulo is the math operation of finding the remainder when you divide two numbers together. If you are asking "what is 10 mod 22?" then what you really need to know is "what is the remainder when I divide 10 by 22?".

There are lots of reasons why you would want to use modulo, including checking if a number is even or odd, counting something for a certain amount of times, and even a common clock in your house will be using modulo to tell the time.

Let's look at two methods for calculating 10 modulo 22. We'll call them the modulo method and the modulus method.

Note: the first number (10) is called the Dividend and the second number (22) is called the Divisor. When you divide the Dividend by the Divisor the answer you are left with is the Quotient. This Quotient has the whole number part (called the Whole) and the decimal places part, which is called the Fractional.

Modulo Method

First need to divide the Dividend by the Divisor:

10 / 22 =  0.45

Next we take the Whole part of the Quotient (0) and multiply that by the Divisor (22):

0 x 22 = 0

And finally, we take the answer in the second step and subtract it from the Dividend to get the answer to 10 mod 22:

10 - 0 = 10

As you can see, the answer to 10 mod 22 is 10.

Modulus Method

The modulus method requires us to first find out what the highest common multiple of the Divisor (22) is that is equal to or less than the Dividend (10).

We can see that multiples of 22 are 0, 22, 44, 66, etc. The highest multiple that is less than or equal to 10 is 0.

So the final step in the modulus method here is to subtract the divisor highest multiple from the Dividend and answer the question "what is 10 modulus 22?":

10 - 0 = 10

As we can see, this is the same answer as the modulo method and the answer is 10.

Hopefully you understood this brief but fascinating journey through the modulo and modulus method calculations. If you're feeling fancy then grab a pen and paper and do a couple of these yourself to see if you've actually learned anything.

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