Final Grade Calculator

Find out how to calculate your final exam grade needed to hit your target grade. Includes multiple grades calculation.

Do you need to figure out what final grade you need in order to achieve your target exam grade? If so, our final grade calculator will let you quickly figure out exactly what final exam grade you need. Just choose from the three calculators below and enter the required numbers!

Calculate final exam grade

This is the simple version of our final grade calculator. If you enter your current grade, your target grade, and the weight of your final exam, we can let you know exactly what grade you need in your final exam to hit the target.

Calculate final exam grade with multiple grades

This is a more advanced final grade calculator that lets you choose multiple grades and weights, as well as calculate the final grade based on percentage or grade letter.


Calculate total class grade

This final grade calculator will take your current average grade percentage, your final exam grade, and the final exam weight, to work out what your overall grade was as a percentage.

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