What is 3:23pm EST to IST?

Are you looking to convert 3:23pm from EST to IST? In this article, we'll give you the answer, but also explain how to calculate the difference in these two timezones.

3:23pm EST → 10:23pm IST

In this example, EST is 7 hours ahead of IST, which means that in order to convert 3:23pm from EST to IST, we deduct 7 hours from 3:23pm to give us the answer, 10:23pm IST.

If you have ever worked with timezones before, you may know that while they seem to be technically easy, there are lots of things to consider and it can sometimes get complicated when you try to calculate a time conversion like 3:23pm EST to IST.

If you've ever set your clock forward or back by one hour, you know that daylight savings time can also change how many hours difference there is between two timezones.

Not only that, but some locations in the same time zone actually have different offsets. It can get really confusing, which is why we built this very simple tool that is designed to help anybody quickly and easily convert a time like 3:23pm from EST to IST without having to think too much about it.

List of timezones in EST and IST


  • America/New_York
  • America/Atikokan
  • America/Cambridge_Bay
  • America/Cancun
  • America/Cayman
  • America/Chicago
  • America/Coral_Harbour
  • America/Detroit
  • America/Fort_Wayne
  • America/Grand_Turk
  • America/Indiana/Indianapolis
  • America/Indiana/Knox
  • America/Indiana/Marengo
  • America/Indiana/Petersburg
  • America/Indiana/Tell_City
  • America/Indiana/Vevay
  • America/Indiana/Vincennes
  • America/Indiana/Winamac
  • America/Indianapolis
  • America/Iqaluit
  • America/Jamaica
  • America/Kentucky/Louisville
  • America/Kentucky/Monticello
  • America/Knox_IN
  • America/Louisville
  • America/Managua
  • America/Menominee
  • America/Merida
  • America/Moncton
  • America/Montreal
  • America/Nassau
  • America/Nipigon
  • America/Panama
  • America/Pangnirtung
  • America/Port-au-Prince
  • America/Rankin_Inlet
  • America/Resolute
  • America/Santo_Domingo
  • America/Thunder_Bay
  • America/Toronto
  • Canada/Eastern


  • Asia/Jerusalem
  • Asia/Calcutta
  • Asia/Kolkata
  • Europe/Dublin
  • Europe/Dublin
  • Europe/Dublin
  • Asia/Gaza
  • Asia/Hebron
  • Asia/Tel_Aviv

What are timezones?

There are around 24 different time zones that the world is divided into. Notice that I didn't say there are exactly 24, because actually some locations have a 1/2 hour shift in their times, and are not one of the strict 24 hour divisions.

Anyway, a standard time within most of those timezones is a certain offset (a number of hours) from UTC, which is the abbreviated name for Coordinated Universal Time. UTC is the new and improved version of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

All of the different timezones will have an offset assigned to them. This offset is the number of seconds difference between that timezone and UTC.

For the example in this article, the offset between UTC and EST is -18000 and the offset between UTC and IST is 7200.

Below are some examples of the number of hours difference between various timezones and UTC:

United States

  • Atlantic Daylight Time | deduct 3 hours from UTC
  • Atlantic Standard Time | deduct 4 hours from UTC
  • Eastern Daylight Time | deduct 4 hours from UTC
  • Eastern Standard Time | deduct 5 hours from UTC
  • Central Daylight Time | deduct 5 hours from UTC
  • Central Standard Time | deduct 6 hours from UTC
  • Mountain Daylight Time | deduct 6 hours from UTC
  • Mountain Standard Time | deduct 7 hours from UTC
  • Pacific Daylight Time | deduct 7 hours from UTC
  • Pacific Standard Time | deduct 8 hours from UTC
  • Alaska Daylight Time | deduct 8 hours from UTC
  • Alaska Standard Time | deduct 9 hours from UTC
  • Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time | deduct 10 hours from UTC
  • Samoa Standard Time | deduct 11 hours from UTC

Europe/Middle East

  • Greenwich Mean Time | same as UTC
  • British Summer Time | add 1 hour to UTC
  • Central European Time | add 1 hour to UTC
  • Central European Summer Time | add 2 hours to UTC
  • Eastern European Time | add 2 hours to UTC
  • Eastern European Summer Time | add 3 hours to UTC
  • Charlie Time (Middle East) | add 3 hours to UTC
  • Delta Time (Middle East) | add 4 hours to UTC


  • Western Standard Time | add 8 hours to UTC
  • Western Summer Time | add 9 hours to UTC
  • Central Standard Time | add 9:30 hours to UTC
  • Central Summer Time | add 10:30 hours to UTC
  • Eastern Time | add 10 hours to UTC
  • Eastern Summer Time | add 11 hours to UTC

Hopefully, this article has not only helped you to understand what 3:23pm EST is in the IST timezone, but also given you some information on what timezones are and why they are sometimes quite confusing.

Feel free to try out some more calculations in the sidebar to the right.

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