Find Grampy: Strict

Find Grampy as he hides a fractional distance behind the fence. In this game, you need to simplify the fraction to it's lowest terms.


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After pressing the <Start> button, Grampy will hide behind the fence somewhere between 0 and 1. To find him you must enter a fraction in lowest terms.

See the program RENAME TO LOWEST TERMS for information on writing fractions in lowest terms.

This game is like the previous game FIND GRAMPY except that both nomerator and denominator must be entered in lowest terms. Some fractional distances are in lowest terms such as 3/5 but if Grampy hides 6/9ths of the distance, the fraction must be entered as 2/3.

To help you find Grampy you will be told the number of parts between 0 and 1. Grammy will help by pointing to your right if the fraction is too small and to your left if the fraction is too large. Also, Grampy does not hide himself well. You will see the top of his head behind the fence.

The computer will keep track of the number of times you find Grampy and the number of tries. The <Report> button will open a dialog box that will ask for your name. You may, of course, enter any code for your name instead. The <Send> key on the dialog box will open a browser window with your report card.