Balance scale

Weigh a rabbit, blinker and a crab in fraction form and tranlate to decimal form.


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When the Balance Scale game starts you will see a BUNNY, a BLINKER, and a CRAB on the platform. On the right top is a shelf of weights. Each weight has a number that tells its size. There are two 0.50 weights, Four 0.25 weights, four 0.20 weights, four 0.10 weights, and two 0.05 weights.

The object of this game is to weigh the three objects using the balance scale and the weights.

Press the JUMP button to start the game. The CHIMP will slam a hammer onto the platform which will cause the BUNNY to jump onto the left tray of the scale. The BUNNY's weight will appear in fraction form. Press one of the buttons on the shelf to drop a weight onto the right tray. This will cause the balance scale arm to rotate clockwise. The larger the weight, the more the arm will move.

Try to drop weights so that the balance scale arm is level. You can select the correct weights by converting the fractions to decimals. For example, if the RABBIT weighs 3/4 units you can drop a 0.50 weight and a 0.25 weight for 0.75 units.You could also drop three 0.20 weights, a 0.10 weight, and a 0.05 weight.

If you drop too much weight you can drag and drop weights back to the shelf.

When the arm is level the CHIMP will slam the hammer to cause the BLINKER to jump onto the scale. Drop the correct number of weights to make the balance scale arm level. The BLINKER will slam the hammer again to cause the CRAB to jump onto the scale. Weigh the CRAB so that the balance scale arm is level.

When the CRAB is weighed a dialog will apprear asking for fraction and decimal equivalents. Enter the correct fraction total for the objects on the left tray. Then enter the correct deciml total for the objects on the right tray. These totals should be equivalent. For example, if the fraction total is 1 1/4 the decimal total will be 1.25.

The PI DAY website has handy calculators that will convert from fraction to decimal and from decimal to fraction.

A timer will start when the BUNNY jumps onto the stage. The timer will keep track of the time it takes to weigh all three objects.

All three objects have fraction weights that have a denominator that divides evenly into 100, making it easy to convert to a decimal. For example the BLINKER can have a weight of 2/5. The fraction 2/5 is equal to 40/100 or 0.40 so you would drop two 0.20 weights to weigh the BLINKER.

The following chart shows the possible weights of the three objects:

3/5 = 0.60
3/10 = 0.30
1/10 = 0.10
7/10 = 0.70
7/20 = 0.35
3/20 = 0.15
3/4 = 0.75
2/5 = 0.40
1/5 = 0.20
4/5 = 0.80
9/20 = 0.45
1/4 = 0.25
9/10 = 0.90
1/2 = 0.50

You should not have to look at this chart while you are playing the game. Simply rename the fraction as a decimal by dividing the denominator into 100. So 7/20 = 35/100 = 0.35. Many of these fraction to decimal equivalents you should know. For example, it's handy to know that 1/2 = 0.50, or 3/4 = 0.75.

The <Report> button will open a dialog box that will ask for your name . The <Send> key on the dialog box will open a browser window with your report card. Try to weigh all three objects in less than three minutes.

If you weigh all three objects and enter their totals in two minutes or less, you qualify as a CIRCUS CHIMP.

If you weigh all three objects and enter their totals in one minute or less, you qualify as a CELEBRITY CIRCUS CHIMP.


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