What is 1 divided by 3/321

If you have the whole number 1 and you want to divide it by the fraction 3/321 then you have found the perfect article. In this quick math lesson, we'll show you how you can divide any whole number by a fraction. If dividing numbers by fractions is your jam, read on my friend!

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Now, remember kids, the number above the fraction like is called the numerator, and the number below it is called the denominator. We'll be using these terms throughout the guide. Pretty simple stuff, but it's always nice to do a quick term recap.

Let's put our whole number and fraction side by side so we can visualize the problem we're trying to solve:

1 ÷ 3 / 321

The trick to working out 1 divided by 3/321 is similar to the method we use to work out dividing a fraction by a whole number.

All we need to do here is multiply the whole number by the numerator and make that number the new numerator. The old numerator then becomes the new denominator. Let's write this down visually:

1 x 321 / 3 = 321 / 3

So, the answer to the question "what is 1 divided by 3/321?" is:

321 / 3

For this particular example we can actually simplify or reduce down the final fraction 321/3 to a more simple version:

107 / 1

You might have also noticed in this case that the numerator is greater than the denominator (which we call an improper fraction) so we could also express the fraction as a mixed number instead:


If you made it this far you must really love your fractions and dividing whole numbers by them. Hopefully this simple guide was easy for you to follow along and you can now go forth and divide more whole numbers by as many fractions as your heart desires.

Convert 1 divided by 3/321 to Decimal

One last little calculation before you go. It's common to want to express your result as a decimal and, to do that, all you need to do is divide your numerator by your denominator:

107 / 1 = 107

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