34 divided by what equals 65?

34 divided by what equals 65? If you're looking to solve this word problem then you're in the right place. If you have the number 34 and you want to divide it by something to get the answer 65 then this quick equation lesson will show you exactly how to find that missing number "something".

First of all, we can write this problem out and use the letter X to be the missing number we want to try and find:

34 / X =   65

The first step is to multiply both sides of this equation by the missing number X. We don't know what X is yet, so we do this by adding X in brackets:

34(X) / X =   65(X)

If you're new to equations this might look a little confusing but all we are really saying is that 34 is the same as 65 times X.

To find X, we need to divide both sides by our final answer, 65:

34 / 65 =   65(X) / 65

So, our final answer here to 34 divided by what equals 65 is:

0.5231 = X

In these answers we round them to a maximum of 4 decimal places because some calculations might have long decimal answers. If you want to check whether the answer is close, you can divide 34 by 0.5231:

34 / 0.5231 = 64.9971

Hopefully now you know exactly how to work out math problems like these yourself in future. Could I have just told you to divide 34 by 65? Yes, but aren't you glad you learned the process?

Give this a go for yourself and try to calculate a couple of these without using our calculator. Grab a pencil and a piece of paper and pick a couple of numbers.

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